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WordPress is one of the world’s most simple and popular content management systems, or CMS for short. This means you provide the content while the platform does all of the coding and organizing for you. If you’re looking for the right web builder to get your website started, WordPress is the way to go.

We are a team of individuals that has spent years working for other companies in the web hosting industry and decided to start our own hosting. We bring all our knowledge to the table to bring you better hosting. is a brand of We've been doing webhosting for almost two decades!

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Because we've been hosting websites for years. We're also independently owned. We care about you, not a stock price, you are our bottom line.

You. You matter to us. You help provide our paychecks. We care about your website. We are here to help you achieve your goals. Contact our support anytime for assistance and guidance with your website!

In business, the bottom-line is talked about, often, as the only thing that really matters. If you want to increase your bottom-line, the right hosting can make all the difference. Get on Board, with OnBoardHost!

Our cost-effective hosting options allow you to start small and grow according to your budget and needs. Grow your website with OnBoardHost, Get on Board.

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Softaculous Auto Installer

We provide the Softaculous auto installer with every hosting account. Softaculous allows you to install over a hundred different types of scripts on your account with a couple of easy clicks.

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